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Uninstalling a program from your computer.
Posted by George M., Last modified by George M. on 25 April 2017 01:02 AM

Uninstalling or removing a program from your computer.

There maybe many reasons to uninstall or remove a program from your computer. These reasons could include a drive by download, P.U.P. (possibly unwanted programs) that installed as a result of a 3rd part agreement you were not aware of, the software was incompatible with your computer and creating undesirable issues, or you just don't use or like the software you installed. What ever the reason, these are the basic steps to uninstall or remove a program or extension.  Keep in mind, that some things you may consider a program or toolbar, might be an app. Apps are uninstalled differently and in those cases, we would recommend you contact us. How do you know if it is a program or an app?  Apps began in Windows 8 and continued through to Windows 10.  So if you have any operating system prior to Windows 8 it is not an app. If you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 and you don't see the program or toolbar in the programs and features console and it is not in the extensions in your browser(s), then it could be an App, a broken software application, or a malicious program hiding itself and may require a custom cure or third party application to remove.

Do not become the person stranded in the dessert reaching for the last drop of water and praying for help!  Removing programs that you do not know what they are or do can be dangerous and potentially render your computer unusable. Proceed with the following instructions at your own risk.  We may or may not be able to help you correct things if you remove the wrong item. 

1. Open ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS or PROGRAMS AND FEATURES using the instructions below that coincides with your operating system below:

  • Windows 8, 8.1, and 10:   Press and hold the WINDOWS KEY in the lower left of your keyboard and tap the letter X releasing both keys. Then choose PROGRAMS AND FEATURES from the menu.

2. Get a piece of paper and pen or pencil. Make a list of programs that are good, bad, and those you are not sure about. Ignore the items that are published by Microsoft and/or begin with KB or Q8. (These are Microsoft  components. These should all be published by Microsoft).  I would also steer clear of removing any programs with the following publishers: Realtek Semiconductor Corp., Intel Corporation, or Advanced Micro Devices Inc..  Please also avoid removing any software installed by your computer manufacturer such as Dell, HP, SONY, ACER, ASUS and others.

3. Take that list and start researching what the program is and what it does. Do not trust the first site you check. Be cautious and check several sites, as some sites may provide false/inaccurate information. Always error on the side of caution.  Do not remove a program, if you are not certain it can safely be removed. We will always gladly answer any questions we can regarding a program or toolbar installed on your computer. If we do not know ourselves we will work to find the answer where possible.

4. Once you have determined what programs or toolbar can safely be removed, go back to the programs and features window or the Add or remove programs window. For Windows XP users you will left click on the program or toolbar you want to remove and then click on uninstall/remove and follow the prompts as they appear.  For all other operating systems you can right click on the program or toolbar you wish to remove, then choose uninstall and follow the prompts for the program to remove.  

NOTE:  You can only remove one program at a time.  If it will not allow you to remove the next program saying “Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling or being changed”, and you do not see anything currently happening and/or you receive a message the previous program had finished uninstalling, it maybe necessary to reboot the computer before you can move on to the next program. 

Note of Caution:

It is important to read the prompts and select the appropriate response(s) or action(s). Some programs may try to install other programs or leave parts of itself behind based on your responses or lack of response to certain questions during the uninstall process. Should you experience problems uninstalling a program or tool bar, you may need to contact the manufacturer of the software program you are attempting to remove. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for your choice in removing the program or toolbar. The instructions above are general instructions that will provide for the uninstall of most programs and toolbars. Some manufacturers may have specific methods for uninstalling their product (This is rare these days. ), and it is always important to check with the manufacturer of the program to determine the correct method of removal. Always refer to the manufacturer if you are unsure or hesitant about proceeding.

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