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Product Overview
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StopSign Product Settings Overview:

A quick guide to common features:

StopSign Threat Scanner:

  • Automatically detects and cures viruses, worms, trojans, malicious code, malware, keyloggers, and spyware.

  • Thorough scanning includes your archives and email databases.

  • Can be scheduled to scan when you choose.

  • Scans in the background without disrupting your work.

  • Stops hijackers from taking over your browser.

  • Removes spyware cookies that track your Internet browsing habits.

  • Helps eliminate unwanted advertising.

  • Protects your personal information against identity theft.

  • Provides a detailed report of threats found and actions taken - cured, deleted, and quarantined.

StopSign PopUp Blocker:

Stops annoying popups automatically. 

  • Stops annoying popups automatically.

  • Customizable - you decide which popups/websites to block.

  • Keeps popups from cluttering your computer screen.

  • Blocks ads without interfering with normal browsing.

  • Easy to use interface.

StopSign On Access Scan:

  • Blocks infected files before they do any harm.

  • Allows you to download files with confidence and security.

  • Scans instant message attachments and other files you download.

  • Protects your PC between StopSign scans.

  • Real-time scanning with continuous protection.

  • Works seamlessly in background, always protecting you.

StopSign Firewall:

StopSign Firewall: An important supplement to your anti-virus and spyware protection for complete internet security.

Stops dangerous programs such as dialers and trojans from accessing your computer.

  • Stops dangerous programs such as dialers and trojans from accessing your computer.

  • Alerts you when unknown applications try to access your computer.

  • Filters traffic flowing between your computer and the Internet.

  • Automatically detects and blocks attacks.

  • Gives you real-time view graphs of inbound and outbound Internet traffic.

  • Automatically configured for novice users; customizable for computer professionals.

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