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The best ways to keep your computer safe.
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Even if you are doing all the above, it is still possible to get a virus. WHY?


The Virus Cycle:


Creation Generally viruses are created to do one of five things: to control a computer and use it for specific tasks; to generate money; to steal information (credit card numbers, passwords, etc.); to prove it can be done, or to cripple a computer or network (Denial of Service). People with even basic computer skills are able to create viruses by using tools available on the internet.


Duplication A person who creates a virus plans for the virus to spread through duplication of that virus. Some viruses, such as CONFICKER, were designed to seed on a specific date. When viruses are dormant, they are often undetectable as the virus codes may be compressed or packaged.


Code Execution - Once the duplication criteria are met, the virus runs and opens the packaged code that infects the computer. StopSign, like all other anti-virus software, is only able to clean viruses for which they have developed cleaning codes.


Initial Detection Someone has to be first and unfortunately, sometimes that someone can be you. StopSign will detect viruses in the wild (on your computer), but may not have the code needed to eradicate the virus. In those cases, StopSign technicians will ask for diagnostic results so they can develop the code needed to eliminate the virus from your computer.


The Antidote - StopSign develops the code necessary to detect and clear the virus. Once these codes are created, they are updated to the Threat Scanner. Users can ensure their StopSign has the latest cleaners by beginning a scan while their computer is online.

 If you believe you have been the victim of an internet crime, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.


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Additional user information may be found via the StopSign KNOWLEDGE BASE.

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