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Is StopSign Spyware?
Posted by _Liz G., Last modified by _Korey Chapman on 31 January 2012 07:24 PM
Is StopSign spyware?


No -- it is not.

Although there is currently no standard definition of spyware, some commonly agreed upon spyware characteristics include tracking web pages and companies you've visited by accessing your...
* Internet browser history file.
* Favorites list.
* Temporary internet files.
* Cookies files.

StopSign does none of this!

StopSign does contact our servers when you perform a threat scan while connected to the internet. But we do NOT download or upload information unless you have opted to do so.

StopSign connects to our servers for two reasons:

1. Our servers check to see if you've got the latest virus definitions and software updates. You'll be asked to download new virus definitions and updates. Or, you can choose to automatically download these items.

New viruses and threats are introduced at a phenomenal rate -- often as many as 20 per day! We feel it's vital to get updates to you as soon as possible. Many companies automatically update files on your computer: Windows Updates, Real Player, and MSN Messenger, to name a few.

2. Paid users with an infection that can't be cleaned automatically will be asked to upload their scan results. This allows our research team to investigate and create a CUSTOM CURE (TM) for them. The user can choose to automatically upload such scan results in the future or continue to be prompted.

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Additional user information may be found via the StopSign KNOWLEDGE BASE.

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